Jimi Hendrix signed photo

The photo above was won at auction, where it was advertised as a Polaroid. Upon discovering it was not a Polaroid the auction house was contacted and in vouching for its authenticity explained that it had been listed by a reputable London company who'd acquired it "from a girl's scrapbook in Sweden".

Wanting to substantiate this claim I referred to the book Hendrix - Setting the Record Straight (author John McDermott with Eddie Kramer) and quote from page 105 - "Arriving in Sweden on January 3, 1968 the Experience checked into the Hotel Opalean in Gothenburg. The rigors of the band's breakneck schedule were something Hendrix had always seemed to manage … (but) having lost a battle with the bottle, overreacted when a groupie began to annoy him … and all hell broke loose. Hendrix and assistant manager Gerry Stickells were promptly arrested, booked and ordered to remain in Sweden until their case came up later that month. The Experience performed their concerts on January 4, 5, 7 and 8 before Hendrix and Stickells returned to Gothenburg to await their punishment. "

"We were not allowed to go out," recalls Stickells of the boring two week wait, "except that once a day we had to report to the police station. We had to stay in our room at the Esso Motel, right behind the gas station, the only place that would take us, though the manager was a fan so he would lend us his car to go to the police station. … I'll never forget that motel because we had bunk beds and every night two girls used to come around with a joint: we would eat and get laid in the bunk beds, which was quite a struggle."

The back of the photo:

Having confirmed that Hendrix was in Sweden under circumstances that reinforced the plausibility of his signing a photo taken by an individual who would have dropped off their film roll at a camera shop (or a pharmacy to have it sent out) for developing as was common practice in 1968 - I secured these two maps Gothenburg c.1968 & Esso Touring Service/Sweden c.1969. They further confirm the events as recounted in the book interview.

The Gothenburg map lists both the Opalen Hotel (#18) and Esso Motor Hotel (#29) alongside an advertisement for the New Molndal Esso Motor Hotel "5 Min. from Goteborg centre". The Esso map lists all the company's Motor Hotels in Sweden with Goteborg/Molndal at #14. Its location on the map is indicated in red print just below Goteborg with corresponding lantern icon next to Molndal.

A beautiful condition postcard circa late 60's of the Esso Motor Hotel, Gothenberg/Molndal, Sweden.
As Jimi saw it.

1960's era ashtray and book of matches from Esso Motor Hotels European chain

This little pebble locked in lucite sits atop an ashtray from Electric Lady Studios

Custom made ashtray from Hendrix' Electric Lady Studios in New York City,
beautifully bathed in sunlight for the first time ever

Jimi Hendrix died Sept. 18, 1970. He had exploded onto the music scene in June 1967 at Monterey, where he set his guitar on fire. He became an icon in 1969 at Woodstock with his mind blowing interpretation of The Star Spangled Banner. This full page memorial appeared in Billboard Magazine Oct. 3, 1970, two days after Jimi was laid to rest in Seattle.

Another full page tribute published in the same Billboard issue by Reprise Records.