Grandpa George Perryman "Baba"

George Perryman

I was an elementary school student when my grandfather, George Perryman, gave me a radio receiver kit from Popular Science magazine mail order. I assembled that crystal set and at night, under the covers with a flashlight, I would listen to radio transmissions from around the world. It wasn't until after he passed away I learned that as a young man my grandfather had worked with Thomas Edison. When broadcasting was in its infancy he created The Perryman Electric Company and had patented and manufactured his own brand of vacuum tubes for use in consumer radios and televisions. He sold his business and patents to RCA.

Handwritten notes in photo says: Laying of corner stone - Perryman Electric Co. Inc. - North Bergen, New Jersey - Jan. 16, 1929, 1- G.H. Perryman - Treas. Perryman Electric Co., 2- B.S. Katz - Pres., 3- H.B. Foster - Vice Pres., 4- Ben Ogush - Secy.
(George Perryman is second from left)

Employees - Perryman Electric Co. New York, NY and North Bergen, NJ
November 1928

George H. Perryman in his prime

Large and small countertop cardboard displays with the Perryman radio genie offering up More Hours of Service Per Tube:

On the right side of the large display the genie's sign reads - The Patented Perryman Bridge keeps the elements in proper position permanently. Jars and jolts do not effect Perryman Tubes.

On the left his sign reads - The Expansion Spring an exclusive Perryman Improvement prevents the filament from breaking due to strains caused by changing temperature.

Full page ad from Radio magazine, December 1929
reproduced in George A. Fathauer's 1999 book Radio Tubes and Boxes of the 1920's

A few of the Perryman Elec. vacuum tubes on display:

Several "extra" Perryman radio tubes on my bookshelf