First Rock & Roll Record

Check my About page and you'll notice a reference to the birth of rock & roll. Having been a rock & roller most of my life I did a little research on the subject and collected these neat pieces of history. An authentic laquered platter made to play at 78 rpm, an original Chess record number 1458.

Rocket 88 was a #1 R&B hit in 1951, before rock charts existed, and was the second best selling record that year. The song's producer, Sam Phillips, claimed Rocket 88 was the first rock & roll song and many scholars have subsequently agreed. Legend has it Ike Turner wrote the song as the band drove from Mississippi to the Memphis studio, where their amplifier fell to the pavement breaking the speaker cone, which resulted in one of the first recordings of a distinct and legendary effect - the fuzz tone guitar.

A full page ad from The Progressive Farmer, June 1952 heralding the new high compression 160 horsepower "Rocket" Engine sold only with the Hydra-Matic "Super Drive" transmission, from Oldsmobile. It was the fastest car on the street at the time and a huge hit on the NASCAR circuit, winning 20 of 41 races that year.