About Ted

I am Theodore Galloway, please allow me to introduce myself. I was born in 1953 around the same time attributed to the birth of rock and roll. I've been a musician most of my life, starting as a singer in middle school studying the harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel and the Beatles.

My first band, J. Edgar's Portfolio, played at school dances and town sponsored parties. In 1969, at age 16, I attended the Woodstock Music & Art Fair in Bethel NY. Our manager, who worked for Ampex Records, had tickets and I was the only band member to go. It changed my life.

When I got back home I broke up the band and upon graduating from high school, took off across the country in a refurbished mail truck with $500 stuffed in the wall. A time when gas cost just 35 cents a gallon!

By the time I returned, I'd taught myself to play acoustic guitar and written my first songs. I formed a new band, LEGZ, which began as an acoustic duo. We morphed into an electric power trio and played to the top of the local live music scene along the NY/NJ border (Rockland/Bergen), ultimately performing a year and a half of saturday nights at our home base club - now defunct. When LEGZ disbanded I became Peg Leg (capiche?) and struck out on a solo career.

Now those times are behind me. It's my intention, over the next five years, to share my unique memories and memorabilia through my 5 other websites which focus on various aspects of Woodstock - the festival, the town, the movie, the ramifications and the remnants.


My Woodstock Story

Yeah! – I remember – Lou Podover – (Lou, call me) – our manager was so cool – he sez we’re leaving Saturday morning. – What? – Lou we’ll never make it – roads are already backed up! – Don’t worry – I’ve vacationed with my family for years at Kiamesha Lake- the next town over – I know all the back roads – we’ll get there no problem.

Ted Giving Peace

I remember walking not more than a half mile. We approached the site from behind “the bowl” - marijuana wafting thru the air – the concession stands were on the rim of the bowl – we passed them and walked down maybe fifty yards into the crowd. I sat and set down my bag lunch (sandwich & can o’ soda.) Lou sez – “I gotta meet somebody, I’ll meet you later”. What? He leaves me. I’m anticipating the Grateful Dead, but they come on and sound terrible. Joints are passed, a new experience for me. Wonder & disappointment set in and eventually I fall asleep next to my empty paper bag. I wake in the dark next to a seven foot high mound of trash where my empty bag was, people on their feet shouting “higher!". The music is throbbing and Sly Stone is talkin' to me “way up on the hill – it’ll do you no harm” – I jump to my feet and throw the peace sign up and shout “Higher!” Holy shit! Sly dances like a man possessed - no music - hand claps - double time – Christ he’s levitating! Oh my God – Janis Joplin – cooking – The Who – Crazy! – Lou shows up – OK we gotta go – What? The Jefferson Airplane are coming on! No – let’s go – We leave, drive back & arrive home before dark on Sunday the 17th. How the hell did he do it? – Don’t know, but he did. We hit and run the Woodstock festival. No Rain. No mud. No problem! Yeah! I got my unused ticket. I got my kick in the butt - ‘been playin’ ever since. Talk about a lucky bastard – you're talkin' 'bout me!

Ted G

This was my High School Yearbook photo
taken by world famous photographer Eric Sines

Ted Galloway by Eric Sines

"Using musical instruments or devices in such a manner
as to disturb the peace quiet and comfort of the neighboring inhabitants"